Our General Customs for Celebrating and Blessing Marriages

Congratulations! We are delighted that you are planning to marry and choosing to marry in the Church. St. Paul’s is a fabulous place to get married, with options for a very large Church wedding or a more intimate wedding in our Chapel.  Historically, people have married in the Church to seek the blessing of God on their marriage and to make faith and love, with God’s grace, the foundation of their new life together as husband and wife. St. Paul’s follows in this tradition, offering counsel and instruction for couples seeking to marry, so that they may lay the groundwork for a long and joy-filled life. This outline describes our general customs here at St. Paul’s.

Who may be married at St. Paul’s?

To be married at St. Paul’s, one of the parties should be an active members of the congregation, or in the process of joining. Children of members may also be married at St. Paul’s.  Additionally, our Church requires that at least one of the parties is a baptized Christian, that at least two persons witness the marriage, and that the ceremony conforms to the laws of the state and Church. 

How can one become a member of St. Paul’s?

St. Paul’s is church, not a wedding chapel for rent, so we encourage engaged couples to think about joining.  There are several ways to explore and become a member of our broad and dynamic congregation.  Our Covenant Class (sometimes called Pilgrims in Christ) introduces the history of Church, and explains our understanding of the gospel, worship and mission in our Anglican tradition and how we put that all into play here at St. Paul’s. Confirmed Episcopalians can ask for a letter of transfer from the parish they previously attended, but are also strongly encouraged to attend the Covenant Class also.

Please contact the church office for more information.




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