Nursery School Mission

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

We are committed to the flourishing of Akron and our neighborhood. Our weekday Nursery School is part of our mission to offer Lifelong Learning right from the early years of life in a warm, caring, and safe environment. Our school is open to ALL preschool children. Membership in our church is not required. 

St. Paul’s Nursery School 

We partner with parents in nurturing young children in a positive environment, assisting them to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. Our goal is to foster a solid sense of self-worth and a healthy self-concept. 

We shape our school on these beliefs . . .

  • Children should be free in the preschool years from undue pressure to perform.
  • Learning should be fun, and play is an avenue for learning.
  • Each child should learn according to his or her developmental level.
  • Each child deserves respect for his or her uniqueness.
  • Each child possess a natural curiosity to learn.

We make it our practice to . . .

    • Assist growth of the whole child in four areas: Health and Physical Development; Creativity; Social and Emotional Development; and educationally, developmnent in Language, Math, and Science.
    • Keep classrooms bright, stimulating, and spacious--- while keeping classroom size small.
    • Develop large motor skills in the gymnasium and on the playground.
    • Help children to feel comfortable in a group setting.