Vestry Nominations

The Vestry Nominating Committee is now seeking nominations for the next Vestry class. The Vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church plays a vital leadership role in carrying out the mission of St. Paul’s, providing counsel, and caring for our facilities.

Vestry Nomination Form 2020 (Word document)     ✤✤✤     Vestry Nomination Form 2020 (fillable PDF)

A Vestry nominee must be: an active communicant of the parish; that is, faithful in corporate worship and in working, praying and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God. The Vestry of St. Paul’s, as a group and individually through its members, is a faithful body of people who work together to support the clergy, staff, and lay leadership of the parish in carrying out our mission of living in the fullness of Christ. The Vestry has monthly meetings and annual retreats, but the work should be seen as a full three-year commitment, rather than simply the task of showing up at meetings.

We are looking forward to hearing from the parish not just the names of nominees, but also a bit about why and how the person you are nominating will be a good leader of the parish through the work of our Vestry. Each nominee should be committed to the vision and mission of St. Paul’s. We are counting on you to suggest the names of such nominees along with your insights into what they will bring to the leadership of St. Paul’s. And of course, you are welcome to nominate yourself!

Please recommend a nominee for Vestry to the Vestry Nominating Committee. All nominations must be received by September 5, 2020. The final slate, approved by Vestry, will be presented to the congregation for final approval at the annual meeting in 2021. To suggest someone for consideration, please complete this reverse side of this form and return it to the parish office or drop it into the offering plate.


Vestry Nominating Committee 2020

Debbie Cooper

Wayne Rice, Chair

Tim Nowicki

Becky Hilty

Bryan May

Chuck Severt

Tony Hunt

Pam Wharton