Weekday Nursery School Registration

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: A $75 non-refundable fee is payable upon registration.

Activity Fee:  A $100 activity fee covers the costs of class trips, special events, and classroom visitors.

Tuition: Our school year lasts nine months, September through May. Monthly tuition is listed below.

A half day of preschool          A full day of preschool            Annual Tuition   

2 days a week   $140                2 days a week   $280               half day $1260 full day $2520 

3 days a week   $160                3 days a week   $320               half day $1440 full day $2880     

4 days a week   $180                4 days a week   $360               half day $1620 full day $3240    

5 days a week   $200                5 days a week   $400               half day $1800 full day $3600

Download Registration Form  (pdf) Complete and mail/deliver in person

Or, register online with the following form.