Annual Appeal

We work to be generous!

Our ministries exist only because of the sacrificial giving of each parishioner. Without generous giving ministries grind to a halt. 

Faithful giving sustains and furthers the wide–ranging work of Christ in and through our congregation. Wonderfully, giving faithfully transforms us. Through giving our time, talent, and treasure, we become transformed by God’s grace. 

Our Mission Drives Our Budget  

Local and international outreach, contributing to the work of the wider church through our diocese, music ministry, worship, pastoral care, spiritual formation, retreats, ministry to youth and children, work camps, a pre-school, and much more goes on through our ministers. 

Here you can make a pledge in response to our Annual Appeal, download the Annual Appeal Brochure, and listen to a brief audio of parishioners explaining why being a faithful steward here is important to them.