What to Expect

Our services follow a regular pattern set for us by The Book of Common Prayer, which has shaped worship in the Anglican tradition for five centuries, interspersing readings from Scripture, Psalms, music, a sermon, and prayers.

New to St. Paul's? Our Newcomers page offers additional information about the church.

Temporary COVID-19 Service Schedule: No In-Person Services as of December 13, 2020

Due to precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following service times will be in effect when the suspension is over. Currenly, as of 12/13/2020 these services are suspended. This schedule will resume when conditions improve and the suspension is over.

  • 8 AM — Held in The Church
  • 9 AM — Held in The Church  
  • 10 Am — Held in The Church

For more information on the current changes, please visit the Service Precautions page.

The Preaching Schedule For April 2021 

The Easter Season

Easter Day — April 4 — The Reverend Mark Pruitt The Reverend Susan Tiffany Epiphany 3 — January 24 — The Reverend Susan Tiffany

The Second Sunday of Easter — April 11 — The Reverend Susan Tiffany 

The Third Sunday of Easter — April 18 — The Reverend Mark Pruitt

The Fourth Sunday of Easter — April 25 — The Reverend Mark Pruitt