What to Expect

Our services follow a regular pattern set for us by The Book of Common Prayer, which has shaped worship in the Anglican tradition for five centuries by interspersing readings from Scripture, Psalms, music, a sermon, and prayers.

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Temporary COVID-19 Service Schedule

Due to recautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following service times will be in effect:

  • 8 AM - Held in The Church
  • 9 AM - Held in courtyard (Weather dependent) 
  • 10 Am - Held in The Church

For more information on the current changes, please visit the Service Precautions page.

The Preaching Schedule For September 2020

Our Semon Series: Think Again!

At the root of the word repentance is the idea of turning, turning to the ways of God, turning to the light of Christ – but also at the root of this turning is the idea of thinking again, rethinking our habitual patterns. Sometimes rethinking is expanding our vision, other times it’s gaining focus, always it’s meant for our good.

September 6th    The Reverend Susan Tiffany
September 13th    The Reverend Mark Pruitt
September 20th     The Reverend Mark Pruitt
September 27th     The Reverend Mark Pruitt