What to Expect

Our services follow a regular pattern set for us by The Book of Common Prayer, which has shaped worship in the Anglican tradition for five centuries by interspersing readings from Scripture, Psalms, music, a sermon, and prayers.

Sunday at 8 a.m.

Our early morning service is for those who love one of the great traditions of the Church and the quiet dignity of the Firestone Memorial Chapel.  

Sunday at 10:00 am 

The 10 am service is held in the Church. As our principle Sunday service, it attracts a diverse age range and is the largest weekly gathering.  

Education hour is held at 9 am, with classes for children, youth, and adults

On September 8, the traditional 11:00 am and 9:15 services were combined to one service at 10:00 a.m.

Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

On Saturday evening, we gather in the quiet dignity of the Firestone Memorial Chapel or outside in the summer, weather permitting. We celebrate communion, pray for the Church and the world, and listen to Scripture and a sermon.

Preaching in February 2020

February 1/2

Saturday (5:30) Rev. Mark Pruitt

Sunday (8:00) Rev. Mark Pruitt; (10:00) Rev. Mark Pruitt

February 8/9

Saturday (5:30) Rev. Susan Tiffany 

Sunday (8:00) Rev. Susan Tiffany; (10:00) Rev. Mark Pruitt

February 15/16

Saturday (5:30) Rev. Susan Tiffany 

Sunday (8:00) Rev. Susan Tiffany; (10:00) Rev. Susan Tiffany 

February 22/23

Saturday (5:30) Rev. Susan Tiffany 

Sunday (8:00) Rev. Mark Pruitt; (10:00) Rev. Mark Pruitt