Vision & Values

Welcome to St. Paul’s in Akron

Like all congregations, we are a work in progress. We love and care for one another, for all who come through our doors--and for those beyond our walls through outreach and mission. 

What We’re About

Knowing and praising God is at the heart of our life. The gospel launches us into study, prayer, discussion, proclamation, praise—and allows us to ask tough questions. We acknowledge we need God’s help, and we rejoice that it’s all about grace, the overflowing love of God that is Jesus Christ.   

Involved in the Community

We love welcoming all new people, and finding out together more and more about the unending love of Christ for us. We offer real hope, and real joy that comes when God’s guiding hand begins to shape our lives, and shows us how to live for the sake of others, and to give ourselves to our community. 

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Living in The Fullness of Christ

Here are a set of talks that explain our slogan and give some content to this Mission Statement:

Our mission is to live out a full expression of the Christian faith, and to call all people to the new life of discipleship in Christ.