The Community Meal

Big News from St. Paul’s Community Meal

(Posted April 22, 2022)

Sit-down dining at the Community Meal ceased more than two years ago 
because of the pandemic. We can now announce the grand restart of 
serving meals in person beginning Wednesday, July 6 at 6pm in the 
Assembly Hall. To prepare for our re-opening, we will take the month of 
June off. We will no longer offer drive-thru service after Wednesday, 
May 25.

“Meals-to-go” will continue until May 25.

(Starting July 6) Be a dinner guest, a volunteer—or both! 

Members of the congregation and residents of local neighborhoods gather each week for a tasty and substantial meal, making friendships, sharing stories and responding to real needs in the community. We invite everyone to come as a dinner guest and to consider joining the volunteer rotation as a cook, server, dishwasher, organizer, or clean-up helper.

Would you like to sign up to help? Please contact us to learn more.

The video below highlights our "Meals-to-go" program instituted during the pandemic.