Baptism is an event for the whole church.

Through baptism, we embrace the promises of the gospel and welcome new members into the life of the church. We also promise to support the baptized in the life of faith. 

Therefore baptism is incorporated into our primary worship services throughout the year on specific Sundays. There are no baptisms during the seasons of Advent or Lent.


Our clergy prepares parents of infants and children, and adult candidates, for baptism, explaining the meaning of baptism in the Christian tradition and the baptismal service, while offering practical guidance about growing in faith individually and as a family.

The Preparation for Baptism course is offered twice a year, meeting four times over three months. The first session is offered in the Fall, typically starting in August, to prepare for baptisms in the autumn and winter. The second session typically begins in January to prepare for a baptism in the spring or summer.

Please contact Beth Guenther directly to plan a baptism, or you may use the form below to get the process started.