The Coronavirus: What Am I Learning?

Mar 18, 2020

We are always calling to mind that God is not asleep through the world's miseries. Or we should be. Psalm 121 reminds us that the Lord 'neither slumbers nor sleeps; 'that the Lord is 'our keeper;' that we are His 'for evermore.' 

The particular hardships that we face now are another opportunity to trust God and the specific promises of God once again--or maybe for the first time. Not the God of our imaginations, or some general, fuzzy concept of God, but the real God shown forth in biblical history. This God's 'perfect love casts out fear' (I John 4.18). This God 'will not let our foot be moved' (Psalm 121:3) meaning God's grace delivers a steadiness, a composure, a calmness to us. And God will turn our hearts to the needy (an umistakable message of almost any of the Israelite prophets). 

I won't comment today so much on the particulars of the threat we face. There is enough media coverage doing that. I will say that I am asking myself the following kinds of questions: What I meant to learn in this time, or relearn? What I am meant to trust in this time? What am I meant to be and to do for others?  These are not new questions. But I am answering them--writing down my answers, in fact--so I don't miss the growth that GOd has for me in these new and challenging circumstances.