Polly Glanville

The Reverend Polly Glanville is a Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. Ordained in 1996 by Bishop J. Clark Grew, she was first assigned to serve at St. Philip's in Akron. After leaving St. Philip's in 2001, she created The Susan Ministry, an extra parochial ministry for the elderly which provided empowerment and education for mature adults. She has worked with parishes throughout the Summit Mission Area and Diocese, providing programming focused on quality of life issues for seniors as well as presenting workshops at Winter Convocation on topics relating to aging. Polly was assigned to St. Paul's in 2004 by Bishop Mark Hollingsworth. She is a member of the Community of Deacons in the Diocese and serves on the Diocesan Council, an advisory board to the Bishop. Recently retired from her secular career, she is the mother to two grown children and grandmother of two above-average grandchildren.