Membership & Discipleship

Our New Members Class (Explore St. Paul's: Discover Membership) is the very best way for you to explore who we are, what we believe, and what it means to be a member here at St. Paul’s.

Generally, we hold this half-day class two or three times a year, either on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon, with a lunch at the beginning (on Sundays) or at the end (on Saturdays) of the session. Explore St. Paul's is scheduled to meet Sunday, June 2, 2024 in room G-4 (or in the Parish Hall, depending on numbers) after the 10 am service finishes--thus, approximately 11:30. Lunch is provided. Please sign up online or at the front desk.

Seeking membership is a very important step in becoming and growing as a disciple. Our classes will support your understanding of mission and ministries, and help you find your place in the life of our congregation.

The Rector, Mark Pruitt, leads this class, along with others who talk about various ministries and offer a tour of our building.

Although in one session we cannot cover everything that might be covered, we talk about:

  • The history of St. Paul’s, and our current mission and ministries
  • The centrality of Christ, the gospel, discipleship, and spiritual growth
  • How we worship, what we believe, and the Anglican-Episcopal tradition
  • What it means to have faith in God and how to live out a life of faith.
  • The importance of authentic community 
  • The importance of joyful service
  • How we address Life’s Big Questions

We encourage dialogue, so the format is discussion based, with a chance to learn and listen both ways—and an opportunity to meet others and make new friends. Attending the meeting in no way obligates you to join, but you will be given an opportunity to take the next steps toward membership.  .

You may email our New Member Coordinator, Beth Guenther, or complete the following form.